Terms and Conditions

1. Payment for all fuel oil and technical service provided is NET 10 days.

2. Acceptance of any Oyster River Energy plan is in effect from the date of acceptance until cancelled in writing by either party. Service Plans are non-refundable.

3. Service plans are optional and must be renewed annually, on or about the anniversary date. Failure to renew a service plan will result in a downgrade of the account, not a cancellation.

4. Parts and labor provided on multi zone-heating equipment is covered but limited to the primary heating zone only.

5. A service plan is null and void if at any time upon inspection the heating equipment is found to be obsolete, deteriorating or operating in an unsafe manner. Oyster River Energy reserves the right to refuse or suspend service coverage until the owner initiates the necessary repairs for safe operation, at their expense.

6. A service plan is null and void if fuel oil or technical service is provided by anyone other than Oyster River Energy.

7. Oyster River Energy will not install or provide coverage of labor for parts provided by the customer.

8. Parts or services required due to abnormal conditions such as customer negligence, blown fuses, switches turned off, power failure, lack of water, oil tank sludge, closed oil valves, frozen oil lines, irreplaceable or obsolete equipment, inability to obtain material, labor strike, war, fire, flood, wind, vandalism, outside service or any act of God or man beyond our control is not covered. Any service provided under these circumstances will be billed at prevailing rates.

9. A 1.5% monthly interest charge on accounts over 30 days will be assessed. Accounts referred to an attorney for collection will incur all cost of collections, including court costs and reasonable attorney’s fee, in addition to the full balance due to Oyster River Energy. Oyster River Energy reserves the right to suspend oil and service without notice for failure to pay past due balances or until the account is current.

Special Circumstances for Renters

Any agreement for oil or service for renters must be renewed on or about the anniversary date of the renters lease. Renters without a lease are not eligible for contractual service from Oyster River Energy. In addition, the property owner must co-sign for any contractual service provided by Oyster River Energy. By doing so he/she assumes full responsibility should said tenant depart or default without notice.

“After our company folded without notice I called Ed for a referral. He said “don’t worry about it, I’ll take care of you,” and we never looked back.  Great service and prices.”

Tony W., Cheshire