Summer 2013 Newsletter

Summer Newsletter 2013

Well folks as the dog days of summer wind down, your friends at Oyster River hope that everyone is outdoors enjoying themselves.  If not, just think back to February, when we were all digging out after a 24 hour blizzard blasted the region with 3 feet of snow.  Oh yeah, you’re loving this summer season now!  We on the other hand are already preparing for next season.  Maintenance is our top priority right now.  If you haven’t already done so, please call the office and schedule your clean and tune up appointment.  Remember this formula:  Efficiency = savings.  For those of you that follow state politics, the governors plan to give away 2 billion dollars (that’s billion with a b) of your tax dollars to the for profit-public gas companies to replace existing with new pipelines, along with his plans to add sales tax to home heating oil both failed in this legislative session.  However, your gasoline and diesel taxes did rise once again to the highest in the land.  Between state, federal and some per gallon environmental fees, Connecticut residents are now paying $ .7959 cents per gallon in taxes for their gasoline!


After 26 years, Oyster River Petroleum is expanding our horizons.  While we will be maintaining our commitment to the core of our business, home heating oil, we will be permanently adding the following services for your convenience:

  • Central air conditioning sales & service
  • Natural gas equipment sales & service and supply
  • Discount electricity
  • Bio fuel

In addition, we are currently developing business relationships that in the very near future will allow us to provide residential generators, solar heating and electric panels and even small wind towers.  Our goal is to become a comprehensive residential energy company.  “If you need it, we can handle it!”  These new services will not affect our primary business, home heating oil, they will compliment it.  Unfortunately our ability to supply natural gas is limited by state law to commercial locations at the moment but we expect that to change within the next few years.

Effective August 1, 2013 we will be known as:

 Oyster River Energy, Inc.



Budget payment programs are designed for homeowners that prefer to avoid large bills that can occur during peak winter months.  If this scenario does not apply to you, you have a choice.  You can opt out of our traditional budget program in favor of our Automatic-10 plan.  This will save you $.20 cents per gallon.  Simply contact the office during our summer hours (Monday – Friday 9:00 – 1:00) or by email anytime and let us know of your desire to switch.  In either case, we are now recommending to all of our customers that they take advantage of our automatic credit card draft system.  Your credit card number is placed in a secure file and when a transaction takes place we draft your account on the next business day.  This will ensure timely automatic deliveries along with our prompt payment discount. Company policy prohibits us from sharing your private information with anyone.

Folks this is not a requirement, only a suggestion!



We hope you have been satisfied with our service.  Good will is always the best sales tool for a small business like ours, so if you are happy, by all means please tell-a-friend!

Effective August 1, 2013 for every new automatic delivery customer that you refer to us, we will send you a Stop & Shop gift card worth $50.00!  Of course you are free to refer as many friends, neighbors, and family members as you like.  We will reward you for each one.  They must own their own home, reside within our delivery area, and agree to automatic delivery for one year.  Be sure to have them fill out the referral box on their customer service card in order for you to qualify, verbal referrals will not be rewarded.  If they prefer, this can all be done on our website

Thanks again for your business!

Ed Granfield


“I started using Oyster River Petroleum in 1990 when I lived in West Haven and stayed with them when I moved. No problems, ever.”

Doug M., North Branford