Fall 2012 Newsletter

It’s that time of year again, time to put away the bathing suits and beach towels and get out the sweaters and scarves. Fall is upon us, the leaves are falling and old man winter is right around the corner.

It’s maintenance time!

If you haven’t done so already, it’s time to clean and tune up your heating equipment. Don’t be bashful, be pro-active. After scheduling your appointment, speak to our highly trained oil heat technician about your heating system. Your focus should be on dependability, efficiency, and conservation. Your technician is well versed in every aspect of your heating equipment as well as long term cost saving measures you as the homeowner should be thinking about. Ask for an efficiency test, as well as an oil tank inspection when scheduling your appointment.

What about energy prices?

The short answer is “high but relatively stable, for the moment”! Due to market conditions driven primarily by Wall Street speculators, along with political tension overseas, once again we can expect another expensive home heating oil season, across the board. Oil, natural gas, propane, even fire wood prices are all up over 20% since May.

I’m afraid to admit this, but the answer is in Washington D.C. This country needs a comprehensive, market driven, multi fuel energy policy that ends market speculation, returning to a more stable supply and demand scenario that reduces our dependency on overseas production of oil and gas from countries that profit from, but hate America. A policy that focuses on the here and now, while investing in the future. In my opinion, our politicians spend far too much time throwing mud against the wall, hoping something will stick. That in a nut shell has been the energy policy of the United States for decades, and I do not see any change on the horizon.

Be honest, is natural gas cheaper?

Last year yes, but for 17 of the last 20 years no! I know during hard economic times, price is the deciding factor in every decision homeowners make. However, before considering a change I would suggest homeowners think about the following questions:

1. Do I have a choice of gas companies?

No! – the gas company is a public utility

2. How much will a new gas system cost?

On average $4000 for a 7 room home

3. Would that cost typically include getting rid of the oil heat system and oil  tank?


4. If my gas system breaks down, who do I call?

The gas company will respond quickly for leak or smell, otherwise they will tell you to call an independent contractor…and wish you good luck!

5. Is natural gas better for the environment?

No! Natural gas is invisible, not cleaner, Natural gas emissions produce methane, a greenhouse gas which lingers in our atmosphere for decades.

6. Is natural gas safe?

If installed and maintained by a skilled professional, sure. But when was the last time you were forced to evacuate your home or neighborhood because of an oil leak! Oil smells, gas explodes!



“After our company folded without notice I called Ed for a referral. He said “don’t worry about it, I’ll take care of you,” and we never looked back.  Great service and prices.”

Tony W., Cheshire